(President) Gino Roque IV posted on his social media a few days ago on the upcoming release of the new Forza flagship products.

Although the names and the products have not been revealed, what we know is that there will be 4 new items coming to Forza this 2019. No exact date of the launch was given.

“ All you need to know is that these new products will hopefully push Forza to an even bigger stratosphere and push the envelope on what Forza can do this year” Gino Roque IV indicated.

According to Gino, these 4 products will be launched definitely within the year 2019 and that these new products will be available online, on the main branches and the franchises nationwide.

“Others have speculated that the new products are simply a new season of athletic apparel and cologne, but this is very far from the truth, these items will be something new that will definitely catch everyone by surprise” – Roque IV

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